Combining seasonal climate insurance with weather monitoring for maximum, affordable protection.

Who We Are

Keep Farmers Farming Sustainably

Sprout is on a mission to build resilience for farmers using technology. The Sprout team monitors the weather, and when it's unexpectedly harmful, farmers can benefit from having one of our protection products.

We offer direct-to-farmer protection products that fit into any farmer program.

Our Impact

At Sprout our impact is holistic climate resilience for smallholder farmers worldwide

No Poverty

We focus on increasing farmer incomes by addressing their risks of loss.

Resilient Agriculture

Building climate change adaptation instruments to put farmers in a strong position when climate events hit them during each season.

Climate Action

Continuing to promote best practices in climate change.

Weather Data

Sourcing the best data for the most reliable protection

Sprout Monitors Farms Through Remote Sensing Technologies


Water is a critical component for any crop to produce maximum, high-quality yields. Most farmers rely on rainfall as their primary source of water. Too littl rainfall (drought) or too much (flooding) can lead to reduced yields.


In Western Africa, temperature is expected to rise 3 degrees Celcius by 2100. This increase in heat has the potential to reduce yields by 15%! Meanwhile, high-altitude crops such as Arabica coffee are suseptible to frost. Temperature is a major factor in crop production.

Soil Moisture

Water moisture inside the crop's soil has an impact on the productivity of yields and can be a replacement for rainfall measurement.


Sprout offers climate protection products for coffee farmers to manage climate change risk.

Climate Risk

Using Satellite Data and Machine Learning, Sprout sees the changes in climate and the risk associated with it.

Sprout Alerts

Mobile messages direct to farmers advising on unexpected weather patterns and the agronomy tips to navigate the changes.


Insurance companies can offer climate insurance to farmesr using Sprout's online distribution software.


Partnering to advance climate justice.

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Frequently asked questions

Sprout has its origins in Kenya, but is active in multiple supply chains and crops around the world. If you have a group of farmers who need protecting, please reach out! Find us at

Blockchain brings trust. At Sprout, we place our insurance contracts on blockchain, which means they are both automated and cannot be changed in any way throughout the season. This provides a significant reduction in cost and makes the process trusted.

Traditional crop insurance waits until the end of the season and waits for farmers to submit a claim against their loss of production (yields). This process is expensive and takes too long! The majority of crop losses are due to weather. Weather index insurance simply watches weather (rainfall, wind, temperature, etc) and when a threshhold is reached, an automatic payments is made to the farmer. No need to go to the farm and wait for a finalized claim process!

Sprout's solution is mobile and web technology. We communicate directly with farmers using USSD, SMS and Android apps. Stakeholders such as buyers, insurance companies and program funders can use the web portal to monitor all the insurance and program data. Sprout handles all data and communication with one solution.